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We help our clients understand their customers and markets at a deeper level. Because we have a rich network of influential leaders, we’re often the bridge that helps our clients kick-start relationships. And any Darwin project is action-oriented from day one — our work doesn’t sit on a shelf gathering dust.

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Customer Profiles 

New to Darwin Research Group? Our customer profiles are a great way to get started. We develop each customer profile with rigor and strategic intent, and complete it with rich, actionable insights across all facets of the organization. We go deep inside IDNs and physician groups, conduct extensive interviews with senior leadership, and capture key information and intelligence as to how these organizations think about the evolving landscape of value-based care and how they can effectively manage this change to meet their growth targets.

And, we are the only market intelligence provider with a business unit focused on IDN-based and freestanding cancer centers, as well as oncology-focused medical groups.

Our proprietary customer profiles are tailored to meet specific needs, so the information we develop can’t be found elsewhere — giving you a competitive, insider edge and a unique look into your key customer targets. 

When our clients need to sharpen their business, marketing, market access, and sales strategies, they rely on the customer profiles we develop to inform and enhance their decision making, using them over and over again as a vital “go to” resource.

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